sprouts school

Plant the seeds of imagination, creation, and exploration at Sprouts Art and Nature School.

Alongside teachers/owners Caity and Ellen, children will cultivate meaningful connections between art and nature through projects, discovery, and imaginative play – inspiring life-long values within these essential childhood experiences.

Appreciating Nature.

Cherishing Childhood.

Growing Imaginations.

philosophy & curriculum

We guide children through the year alongside Mother Nature, devoting time to investigating topics that are relevant to our current outdoor experiences in East Central Illinois.  Our curriculum is meant to be flexible to allow us to follow student interest and inspiration, but our basic topics are based around the seasons and cover approximately one month.  A few of our topics include Bugs, Winter, Earth, and Flowers.

We explore topics through creativity, play, and social development within each group of students:

The environment at Sprouts is an essential part of our curriculum. We provide an array of natural open-ended materials for children to explore and supplement imaginative play and materials are rotated and changed to supplement our topics and explorations.

Our outdoor classroom, the Nature Playground, is currently in the works, see more here. 


  • Each child shall develop a sense of responsibility to their peers, families, classroom, environment, and community.
  • Each child shall investigate and engage with a variety of quality materials both inside and outside.
  • Each child shall celebrate and appreciate nature and the rhythms of the year.
  • Each child shall experience free play space to explore and discover.
  • Each child shall create and construct in a variety of mediums and methods.
  • Each child shall engage their imagination each day.