Founded as a group home daycare in 2013 by Caity and Ellen, Sprouts provides preschool, childcare, and after-school care for children ages 2 years – 10 years in the Champaign-Urbana community.   And Sprouts is growing! Sprouts is currently continuing as a group home daycare while completing the process of moving to a new location, also in central Champaign.

The most exciting part of our move: our new Nature Playground! We are enthused about offering this important piece of early childhood education to the students at our school, as well as the surrounding community.

A multitude of experiences in education and childcare have lead to the development of the specific art and nature focused curriculum and philosophy at Sprouts.  As the sole owners, directors, and teachers at Sprouts, Caity & Ellen have the unique opportunity to tailor the childcare to each specific group of children, provide completely consistent care, and be there for every moment both big and small of each day at Sprouts.

There are many ways to get involved in this exciting time at Sprouts – volunteer, donate, or learn more!