Sprouts Curriculum

We have developed our curriculum based on the principles of Waldorf education. While we are not a Waldorf School, we do appreciate and attempt to emulate the emphasis on art, nature, and practical activities. 

We guide children through the year alongside Mother Nature, devoting time to investigating topics that are relevant to our current outdoor experiences.  Our curriculum is meant to be flexible to allow us to follow student interest and inspiration, but our basic topics are based around the seasons and cover approximately one month.  A few of our topics include Bugs, Winter, Earth, and Flowers.

Within each investigation topic we focus on nine areas of investigation that we have developed to give children the chance to thoroughly explore, create, and imagine.  Some of our areas of investigation include: Discovery, Creative Arts, Practical Arts, Music, Cooking, and Imagination.

Within each of the nine areas children are exposed to the typical pre-school academic skills, but we do not emphasize these skills.  Our focus is on children’s creativity, play, and social development.

Our environment at Sprouts is the main teacher for the children.  We provide an array of natural open-ended materials for children to explore and supplement imaginative play as well as practical materials used in our everyday life at Sprouts.  Materials are rotated and changed to supplement our topics and explorations.


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