You may be wondering what precautions we are taking as childcare providers to keep the children safe while in care. Luckily for us, many of the recommendations to childcare from the CDC, Illinois Dept of Public Health, Champaign-Urbana Public Health, DCFS, and the Governor’s Office are a normal part of life at Sprouts.

Limited Class Sizes

Sprouts has a maximum group size of 10 and a maximum enrollment size of 18. Sprouts has two teachers, one substitute, and a limited number of families. This significantly increases the amount of social distancing possible at Sprouts.

Physical Distancing

While Sprouts interior is fairly normal sized for the amount of children, the exterior space has more square footage PER child than DCFS requires for the entire school. At over 1700 sq ft, our Nature Playground is where we not only spend most of our time, but also where we enjoy lots of fresh air and sunshine.

Disinfecting & Sanitizing

As the only two staff members, Caity & Ellen can assure you that we, personally, have sanitized, washed hands, cleaned, disinfected, and ensured the safety of each student. We take germs seriously, and have a low-risk program where most children rarely get ill.


As the directors and owners at Sprouts, we are able to make physical and behavioral updates quickly and easily to adapt to the needs of the community. This year we have extended our usual summer camps to extend the amount of childcare we are able to provide, we have updated all of our policies to create physical and behavioral barriers against illness, and installed an outdoor sink for frequent easily-accessed handwashing, to name a few.

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