Sprouts is owned, directed, and taught by Caity & Ellen.

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About Sprouts

Founded in 2013 by Caity and Ellen, Sprouts provides preschool, childcare, and after-school care to the Champaign-Urbana community.  Our Early Childhood Education degrees, extensive research in educational philosophies, and multitude of experiences in childcare have lead us to develop our specific art and nature focused curriculum and philosophy at Sprouts.  As the owners, directors, and teachers at Sprouts, we have the unique opportunity to provide a truly child-led experience where our small size provides space for imagination, exploration, and choices.



“As the Sprouts mastermind, Caity’s passion for learning makes her the knower of all possibilities and solutions.  With patience and warmth, she creates a safe, loving environment where she encourages wonder and engages hearts and minds in every moment.” -Ellen



“Ellen is the zest of Sprouts; her energy, creativity, and enthusiasm establish an inspiring environment for every imagination.  Her arts and environmental passions are the backbone of our curriculum, and her kindness and joy is the backbone of our childcare.”    -Caity

Special Helpers

Special Helpers ensure that Sprouts never misses a day! Grammy, Caity & Ellen’s mom, Kait, Ellen’s sister-in-law, and Derek, Caity’s husband, provide the rarely necessary back-up care at Sprouts.

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