for 2020-2021 school year Sprouts will be offering a small “one-room schoolhouse” style elementary classroom.

Sprouts Art & Nature Elementary Class

grades K – 3

7:30 am – 4:30 pm


• $200 enrollment fee

• $800/month tuition

• contracted by semester

• includes lunch and snacks

• Sprouts enrollment capped at 25 (including preschool, full-time, and elementary classes)

• elementary class enrollment capped at 14

• 3 teachers


1. Do I have to withdraw from Unit 4?

Ideally not. We would prefer for all children to continue to be ‘part’ of Unit 4, thus keeping their place at their chosen school. We will be working to keep everyone able to stay enrolled at attending Unit 4. While we cannot guarantee that we are able to fully participate in all Unit 4 Virtual Learning aspects during care, we will be making every attempt to ensure that attendance requirements are met.

2. How is this safer for our family?

• With an ‘exposure bubble’ of 25 students and three teachers, we are significantly limiting contacts.

• On our Nature Playground we are able to provide most of the care outdoors, extra space for distancing outdoors, and fresh air, reducing risk of transmission. Our plan is to continue outdoor learning as long as physically possible into colder temperatures. We have a tent with walls and will be looking into outdoor heating elements (that are approved by DCFS) to keep us outside.

• As the owners/directors/teachers, we are able to both make the rules and carry them out – in this case that applies specifically around sanitizing, distancing, and testing.

• With such a small bubble, we can ensure open communication between families and school, especially COVID-19 exposure, symptoms, and testing.

3. In what scenario would Sprouts shut down?

Sprouts is able to stay open as a child care in phases 3, 4, and 5 of restore Illinois. If Illinois is required to return to phase 1 or 2, we would shut down. Our current restrictions are already in place and being implemented. In the case of a positive test in a Sprouts family, we will require negative tests for the household for that family to return. In the case of a positive test within the Sprouts bubble, our own judgement alongside official ruling from DCFS and CUPHD would apply. 

Sprouts Elementary Classroom has limited enrollment, contact us for more information.