Ready to enroll at Sprouts?

Sprouts is a small school with a unique four-step enrollment process and limited openings. Because of our size, we attempt to ensure compatibility between the school and families by holding personal interviews prior to offering our wait list or enrollment.

We encourage families to complete each step as soon as they are able.

1. interest application

If you are looking into Sprouts for the future, please fill out our simple interest application.

While we don’t have a traditional wait list, we use our interest forms to contact interested families when we have openings and when we being interviews for the semester.

This application requires neither intent nor guarantee of application or enrollment.

2. policies & tuition

These policies are what we consider to be the backbone of Sprouts – they provide the foundation on which this business is run. We update policies frequently, but this page provides a general overview of what you can expect at Sprouts.

Our tuition document is also updated yearly to reflect the current cost of care. Please review below to make sure Sprouts is right for you!

3. apply & interview

When your requested start date is nearing, your child is almost two or already two years old, or we’ve contacted you to apply, it’s time to fill out our official application.

This official application is for families that have already decided that Sprouts is a great fit through visits, events, personal recommendations, or research.

We will interview families for enrollment based on received official applications.

4. enroll

After interviews, we will invite families that best fit with our current enrollment, schedule, and program to enroll!

Looking to sign up for a class or camp, rent a space, or come for an event?