Sprouts aims to get to know each family interested in admission; this provides the opportunity to balance our enrollment, projects, and to ensure the success of each student.  We believe children learn best when families and educators collaborate on educational goals and philosophies!

Admission Process at Sprouts:

#1. Inquiry

Please contact us with your basic information and we will send you our application. Sprouts accepts applications at all times throughout the year, though interviews are scheduled only when there is an appropriate opening and in spring for the following school year.

#2.  Apply

Upon receipt of our application, please download, fill in completely, and return it to us at the listed email address for our review.  Please also add any pertinent information that you feel is relevant to your application.

#3. Interview & Tour

Our interviews are held at Sprouts upon successful completion and acceptance of application, and at the time of an appropriate opening.  We begin interviewing for the following school year each March.

We take school:family fit very seriously and want to provide the best possible environment for each child and family.  As we strive to balance our enrollment, serve a diverse community, and complete our state licensing obligations, we are not able to offer interviews or positions to each family that applies.

#4. Enrollment

After a successful interview, families will be offered enrollment at Sprouts.  Families will have 48 hours to accept a position by submitting our enrollment fee.  After 48 hours, the offer will expire and enrollment will be offered to the next compatible family.

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Sprouts Tuition is based on calendar, program, and age.  Get more tuition info.